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IT is a large and ever evolving area of knowledge and expertise, and not all of it is technical. IT systems are often critical to most businesses and can be potentially complex. Reactive IT support is often no longer enough in this fast moving world.

In many smaller businesses, those that deal with IT often do so by default and opportunities to improve your IT and impact your business at a strategic level are often unattended to or simply overlooked. Without structured help-and facing a potentially vast and ever changing expanse of technical, operational and legislative IT information-your task can be more than overwhelming. Business IT systems need a co-ordinated, controlled and experienced approach to IT management, operations and growth -every business needs an IT Manager!

TASKIT IT Manager is a management level service for your IT needs, doing all the things that an experienced IT Manager in a larger organisation would do to keep the IT systems-and thus the business-running as effectively as possible. From designing proper backup and data policies to planning and helping to implement future needs and developments, TASKIT's IT Manager service provides you with an experienced and qualified IT management resource, able to assess and assist in managing your IT in a proactive way.

The starting point for IT Manager is a complete system and network audit and review. During this learning process TASKIT will discuss your business practices in order to fully understand how you interact with your IT and what your key objectives and future needs are. During this stage you will be introduced to your named IT Manager who will be your point of contact throughout the process.

Your TASKIT IT Manager's primary focus is to get the most out of your existing IT infrastructure without the need for further investment. Should investment be needed, or if other changes are required or expected, a Technology Roadmap will be created, this will be your blue print for growing your IT so that it can continue to service your business in the most appropriate way-and within your budget! The Technology Roadmap takes into account both short-term and longer term goals and requirements. In addition, your IT manager will work with you to identify risks and formulate any required policies which you need, such as backup and disaster recovery planning.

Keeping on top of your IT performance and its cost-effectiveness for your business is critical. Your IT manager will regularly review with you to report on your IT position and Technology Roadmap, as well as their own and TASKIT's performance in the IT manager role. We will also review the support performance which can highlight any hardware or user areas of weakness and will also indicate to you the performance of the TASKIT support being provided.

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