TaskIT past Projects.

Below is a list of custom made projects successfuly carried out by TaskIT.
  1. Point of Sale Applications.
  2. Inventory Management systems.
  3. Human Resource management systems.
  4. School management systems.
  5. Hotel Management Systems.
  6. Online Hotel Management Systems.
  7. Online Safari Management Systems.
  8. Financial Management Systems.
  9. School Finance(Bursar) Management System.
  10. Information Systems.
  11. Rental Management System.
  12. Library Manager.
  13. Budgetting Tools.
  14. Medical Laboratory Analysis System.
  15. Help Desk System.
  16. Eleven Websites.
  17. Two Web Portals.

Other projects include:
Networking Projects, Consultation services, Project done in partnership with other companies, Training /recruiting forums, System maintenance, Websites maintenance, etc.

Please note: Our clients Information is confidential.

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