• Quality Produce

    Quality produce are highly valued commodities normally consumed by the higher class in the community.

    Many farmers have tried to produce these commodities in their own capacity but hash environmental elements have always hiddered them. How then can one produce high quality produce to make more money? It starts with the seed.

  • Greenhouse Farming

    A greenhouse is a building designed for the protection of tender or out-of-season plants against hash environmental factors (heat, storm, pests, diseases, humidity, etc).

    Usually a glass- or plastic-enclosed structure with a framing of aluminium, steel, woods. It is used for the production of fruits, vegetables, flowers, or any other plants requiring a controlled environment.

  • Fresh Supply

    Fresh and quality greenhouse produce is on high demand.Greenhouse allows you to produce consistently uniformly shapped and sized, quality produce all year round. Greenhouse increases immensly the crop yield per given area.

    With human population growth reaching worrying figures today so is the demand for fresh supply on a daily basis. A greenhouse comes in hardy to meet such high demands.

  • Greenhouse installation

    At Task Farm we install quality greenhouses. The types, variety and size depends on farmer's preference or capability. Mainly the frame material(alluminium, steal or wood) used determine the cost variations.

    Kindly get in touch with us today for more information or a quotation.

  • Watering systems

    Hygiene, reliable, efficient watering systems are vital for any farmer who wants to concentrate on maximizing production.

    Your poultry health is 80% dependant on the quality of water you give your flock. Kindly get in touch for more information.

  • Irrigation Systems

    Modern agriculture has relied heavily on water, which is a key input into agricultural production.

    Special sprinklers, pumps, and drip systems have greatly improved the efficiency of water application. At Task Farm we help farmers install irrigation systems.



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At TaskFarm we employ modern efficient, practical but otherwise presummed impossible farming techniques.
We empower young and existing farmers with knowledge and skills on how to do profitable farming with a bit of innovation and technology.

Greenhouse Farming

  • Greenhouse installation

    Affordable reliable and efficient greenhouses. We install a greenhouse as per your capability and or specifications.

  • Farmers support

    At Task farm we support you from farm planning, installation, gardening, crop management, harvest management upto marketing. All for free.