How much do you charge to build a custom made software?

Costing for custom made softwares depends largely on your specification/requirements. Costs can also be affected by complexity of the system and urgency of the system.

How fast can emergencies be addressed?
Emergencies can be addressed to TaskIT program director through;
e-mail: OR mob: +256703490927. We shall respond to the emergency as soon as we are informed.

 What other services do you offer?
TaskIT mainly deals with customized softwares. However we do have other support services to our clients. these includes; Network Planning and design, moves and changes, WAN and VPNS, Software and Hardware installation, web design among others.

 Who qualifies for TaskIT services?
TaskIT is an open company to the public. Any person, organization, government body, institution or group of people qualify for TaskIT services each at their own capability.

 How available are TaskIT personnel?
TaskIT personnels are always available anytime you need them as long as you inform us early enough.

 How do you ensure Data Security and Confidentiality?
Security is a vital element in any organisation using IT as a resource. While developing softwares, we ensure that the software is secure by addressing threats from all the logical levels(client layer, application layer and data storage layer). To be noted however, the security of the systems developed by TaskIT relies entirely on the information (clients) provide to our personnels. The accurate the information, the secure the system.

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