TaskIT Capability Statement

We are experienced in building information systems and management systems for companies and individuals in a variety of industries. Because of the diversity of our staff knowledge base, we often get pulled towards interesting technologies to solve particular business problems. Our development framework enables us to quickly build sophisticated, high-quality computer applications that are available anytime and anywhere.
With far-reaching technology capabilities, integration of disparate information systems in creative ways, such as through-service oriented architectures is our group strength.
Our approach to application development utilizes both Microsoft's suite of powerful enterprise tools and non-Microsoft sourced technologies. We are able to create extremely flexible web-based solutions that are quick to develop, robust and remain highly scalable.

Local Area Network Work support
We are experienced in planning, designing, laying and administering computer networks spanning multi-platform environments with the following implementations.

  • Implementing, managing, and maintaining IP Addressing
  • Managing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP)
  • Sub netting and super netting IP Networks
  • Configuring DHCP servers and clients
  • Guiding administrators on monitoring and trouble shooting DHCP
  • Installing and configuring TCP/IP
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connection
Implementing, Managing and maintaining name resolution
  • Installing and Configuring DNS Server service
  • Implementing DNS infrastructure
  • Guiding administrators on monitoring and trouble shooting DNS where need be.
Implementing, managing, and Maintaining Network Security
  • Implementing secure network Administration Procedure
  • Installing and configuring software update infrastructure
  • Guiding administrators on monitoring network protocol security
  • Troubleshooting network protocol security
Implementing, managing and maintaining routing and remote access
  • Configuring routing and remote access user authentication
  • Guiding administrators on managing remote access
  • Guiding administrators on managing TCP/IP Routing
  • Providing secure access between Private Networks
  • Troubleshooting client access to remote access services
  • Troubleshooting routing and remote access routing
Maintaining network Infrastructures
  • Guiding administrators on monitoring Network traffic
  • Troubleshooting connectivity to the internet/intranet
  • Troubleshooting server services.
Bandwidth monitoring and control
  • Implementing Time and MAC address based internet access egress firewall to control internet usage
  • Implementing software ingress firewall for Intrusion Detection and Prevention System(ID & PS), traffic Shaping and filtering
  • Implementing internet traffic system for monitoring and evaluation.
Implementing Suse Linux enterprise server based email system with anti-spam inbuilt capabilities.

Planning, designing, laying and implementation of local area networks.
  • Designing and documenting guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOP's) for the management of local area networks.
  • Implementing Time and MAC address based internet access egress firewall to implement effective internet usage
  • Implementing software ingress firewall for Intrusion Detection and Prevention System(ID & PS), traffic Shaping and filtering
  • Implementing centralized software (Operating system and Anti-Virus) update system ,which in turn reduces tremendously the amount of individual downloads per computer
Application development, testing, rollout and intranet/website development

Designing, testing, rolling out and implementing Management Information System
  • Database System in Microsoft Access
  • Database Web based applications in My-SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc
  • Database Systems in Visual Basic
User training
We have trained hundreds of Ugandans in computer use and related systems in different organizations and individual.
Individual company/organization staff targets
  • To help them achieve beyond where they are already
  • To help low achieving staff members
  • To break down learning into manageable steps
  • To provide the staff with information about the learning process
Targets for cohorts of organization staff
  • Moving the organisation forward
  • Moving forward a particular cohort of staff for example Data Entry Officers from computer users to user-support level officers
Network based anti virus installation and monitoring
  • Implementing centralized antivirus installation and monitoring system.
Hardware Maintenance and software upgrade
  • Providing support for end-users, LAN environments, and Internet and Intranet development.
  • Evaluating tape-backup and disk-backup strategies and recommending solutions for organizations Intranet web server.
  • Providing problem resolution on NT, XP, Suse Linux Enterprise Server platforms.
Secure data transmission and backup
  • Implementing secure data transmission system, using PGP encryption software and FTP to transmit data between organizations.
Technical documentation of systems integration
  • Providing technical support for Local Area Network storage and related performance on NTFS and Ext3 (WINDOWS/UNIX file systems), and Mail Transfer Agent subsystems.
  • Preparing and documenting Master Plans for Local Area Network
Asset movement and re-assignment
Designing, implementing asset movement system to help track movement of ICT assets between departments and regions. This multi-level authorizing system reduces bureaucracy while at the same time creating an effective and controlled asset movement within the organization.

TaskIT Technical Expertise
Servers We have direct experience in setting up and installing web infrastructures using both Microsoft products and UNIX in a secure environment. This includes multi-server, high-availability hardware, coupled with Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server, IIS and SUSE Linux Enterprise server, RedHat Linux Server, Apache Web server, Send mail and Postfix based Mail Transfer Agents (MTA)
Server Tools On the server side, We are experienced in using the following toolset: FTP, SMTP, XML, XSL, RSS and Web Services.
Client-Side Tools For presentation, We utilize standards-based and Microsoft tools like HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, Visual C++, VB.NET, Java and AJAX.
Middle-Tier Tools OOP-based COM+, PHP, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET and Visual C++.
Database Tools Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005), MySQL, Oracle, Visual FoxPro, Sybase.
Other Tools Microsoft English Query.

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